Wankelmut – Auf Sendung bei Beatport.

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So siehts ungefähr aus wenn Jacob (aka Wankelmut) Live auflegt. Das ganze wurde in den Beatport Studios in Berlin aufgenommen.
Jedenfalls bleiben die DJSets tanzbar und rutschen zum Glück nicht den Mainstream/Kommerz ab.

Since childhood, Jacob aka Wankelmut has been obsessed with music. Whether it was CSNY cassettes on long car trips or early piano lessons, music has always played an important role in his life. Although Jacob grew up listening to Rage Against The Machine and Co, living in Berlin and come to techno, the was difficult in the noughties-years. Though he had previously been aware of Drum & Bass, 2008 began a new fascination with electronic music.

Wankelmut’s experience
DJing began at various house parties, which often got broken up. Over time, he has relied on acquaintances and friendships, and those relationships lead to more club gigs and bookings, eventually opening sets in Berlin and Göttingen, where Jacob has developed and proven what makes up his DJ sets today: his desire to play melodious and varied music, to tell a story.

Over time, he also explored the producing side, mixing his own music and began posting it to Soundcloud – initially without much resonance. At the beginning of 2012, he gained some exposure for his interpretation of „Reckoning Songs“ by Asaf Avidan & The Mojos, remix that has helped many people discover the catchy tune. After prolonged negotiations, a few months later the track was released on Four Music. Since then, Wankelmut has become an incresingly visible DJ in many parts of Germany and the rest of Europe. Always open to exploring new sounds, he also works to further his own tracks and remixes, as well as refining his DJ sets. Every night of music has the same goal: Please smile and dance along 🙂

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