Porsche 911DS (CITROËN Edition)


Das Team von Brandpowder hat einen richtig schicken Porsche 911 Remix mit einem CITROËN DS kreiert. Aus 2 mach 1.

The Challenge: take the two most beautiful cars ever made, the sexiest babes on wheels that ever happened to roam the planet, and put them together, literally. If this sounds totally crazy to you, it’s because it is. Nobody attempted something so complicated, before. The technical challenges are enormous even to the most skilled team of mechanics and nobody, it must be said, ever dared to touch these holy icons of design, two sweethearts which rank in the top 5 Car of the Century, a hall of fame where Ferdinand Porsche, no less, figures as the first and foremost Car Engineer of the Century. Citroen DS, designed in 1955 by italian designer and sculptor Flaminio Bertoni, is still considered today the most advanced car ever produced, for the amount of innovation it had in every detail. […]

Mir gefällt die Idee richtig gut, ist auch definitiv ein hinkucker. Daher auch einen großen Respekt an die kreativen Köpfe. 

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