Es geschehen Wunder

Kaum glauben konnte man, dass am 27.05 Lenovo tatsaechlich ein neues System Update veröffentlichte.

Zum Download für das neue ThinkVantage System Update geht es hier entlang.
Lediglich die Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 User haben momentan noch Schwierigkeiten aber mit einem kleinen eingriff koennt ihr das selbst beheben.

I was facing the same problem but now I’ve managed to solve it.
My system is T61, Vista Business SP2, tvsu v3.14.0024
This is what I did:
On 1st June I started the tvsu. Right in the beginning it showed a message to download MsgCenter+ which went fine and stated the updates have to be downloaded manually and critical ones will come through MC+.
After this running tvsu again it still showed the usual error message.
I tried all the possible tricks that this forum showed but nothing helped.
After these I went to the files of tvsu and found this one:
„c:\Program Files\Lenovo\System Update\session\system\SSClientCommon\MappingInterface.xml“
It has entries for all kind of system but not yet for Vista SP2.
I’ve added this entry to the end of the „OSs“ section:


Vista Business
Service Pack 2

Windows Vista

(just copied the VS-BUS.SP1 entry and changed it to SP2)

And what a suprise tvsu does not show the error again, runs smoothly and downloads updates (even faster then before).

Btw my runtime registry looks like this now:
„QOS“=“Windows Vista“

I hope this can help others to solve the issue.

Achtung, nur auf eigene Verantwortung machen:

„Do this at your own risk. TVSU will not be supported on Vista SP 2 until we release a version we’ve qualified with it. While this mod will make the client recognize Vista SP 2 as the installed OS, it will do nothing to compensate for deeper code issues between the client, the packages and the service pack.“

Und jetzt viel Spaß beim Updaten