Ideal Podcast Vol. 12 – Super Flu

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Ideal Audio: Hi boys + girls, the Super Flu Ideal Podcast is up again! Enjoy and tell us what you think about it!

Do you falter on making a tough decision? Super Flu recommend you garlic bread rolls and 6-minute-boiled eggs!
Is your equipment rubbish? Trust your intuition, tickle the max out of the old stuff and squeeze inspiration out of everything you can lay your hands on!
Are you lacking ideas? Take your cockatoo’s advice! Go on vacation and have some beer. Try (you know, doing something you’d never do otherwise). Listen to Jazz. Tinker whatever comes to your mind using funny snack bar names, exotic instruments and kids‘ toys.
Now with your best mate and at least one mutual favorite bakery, lots of Herzblut and a great Traum behind, nothing can harm you anymore…!

Tracklist Ideal Podcast

01. Cascandy – Klixx (Monaberry)
02. Lexy and K-Paul – Like That / Hanne and Lore Remix (MusicIsMusic)
03. Matt Star – Everything (Musun)
04. Julien Chaptal – Garden Secrets (Intacto)
05. Hanne and Lore – Doelmerei Deluxe (Sunset Handjob)
06. Cascandy – Escapade Escapade / Super Flu´s Speck Takel Mix (Monaberry)
07. Agoria – Speechless ft. Carl Craig and La Scalars / Carl Craig Remix (InFine)
08. Jako and Rumba – Drift (Fontek)
10. Homeworks – Rally Racquet Club / Samim Remix (MadeToPlay)
11. Super Flu – Skodo Saabo (iLoveVinyl)