The Bicycle Animation

(Youtube Direktbike)

Coole Idee, ein paar Papierfetzen sich ans Rad zu hängen. Seht selbst.

This is a piece created to question whether it was possible to film animation in realtime. Part of my CSM 3rd year disseration project I was looking at proto animation (really early basic animation) in contemporary design. I’ve taken a lot of influence from other contemporary designers who are using these techniques to explore the way we look at animation and how its made.

Big Thanks to my friend Stefan Neidermeyer who did the sound. The soundtrack is made up of various bike noies recorded during the filming process which Stef then remixed to make the amazing soundtrack.

Thanks to Henry Chung ( Fernando Laposse ( and Dominic Roup and their great bikes for making an appearance.

//via Reddit.

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