Adventskalender #13: LiveSet – Hayley Parsons

Türchen 13 – ein weiteres LiveSet, diesmal von Hayley Parsons, also schön krachen lassen.
Treibt jedenfalls gut – für Dienstag 😉

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Anbei noch ein Interview von Hayley Parsons 🙂
For those who don’t know you, who are you?

„Hey Guys 🙂 I’m Hayley Parsons (or Parsnips)

How old were you when you got your first gig? And where was it

„I was 23 and it was for my mate’s night at a little bar in Warsall march 2008“

Which venues have you played at and which is your favourite?

„I have been really lucky and have had the chance to play at some great venues all over the world and the UK, from Ministry of Sound in London, Stereolab in Singapore, Lush in Portrush N.Ireland, Nikki Beach Miami to Es Paradis Ibiza, Pacha Moscow, Barasti Beach Dubai I would have to say my favourite place was Club Mass in Seoul S. Korea, everything was awesome, the club, the crowd, the promoters, the food, just ACE!!!“

What advice could you give to up and coming DJ’s / producers wanting to get there name out there?

„It’s really hard to establish yourself as a DJ these days, everyone is DJing and trying to achieve success, I think if you have production and real skills behind you then you will succeed.

Who are your main musical influences?

„In terms of producers out there at the moment, definitely Michael Woods, Stefano Norferini, Disfunktion, Sander Van Doorn, Manuel De La Mare, Umek, Lissat & Voltaxx, Thomas Gold, Phunk Investigation are all smashing it at the moment. I’m loving the cultural influences in tracks at the moment, especially tracks with arabian sounds or really tribal grooves oh and rolling basslines eeekk i love it all!!! LOL“

Top 5 tracks of the moment?

1. A Place Called Soul, Manuel De Lare Mare remix 2. Next Stop AU Hayley Parsons

3. Dutch Tilt Dean Newton

4. Mama Stefano Norferini

5. Bigger Sebjack, Paul Thomas & Myke Smith remix

Up to now, what is your greatest achievement DJ wise?

„Umm greatest achievement eeek not sure really, in terms of production having my tracks played by Jules on Radio One and my latest track has just been signed to Michael Woods’s label Diffused Records. In terms of DJing everything really, I never thought I would have achieved what i have done now if you asked me 3 years ago, I’m just really happy with how things are going and that i get to do my passion and hobby as my main career I’m very lucky. But something that i still get excited thinking about is when I played for the Gallery at ministry of Sound and LUSH at Kellys Portrush N.Ireland.“

If you hosted your own party, which 3 DJ’s would you have play?

„Carl Cox an idol of mine and complete legend, he is in a league of his own. I have always wanted to see Sander play and have never had the privilege so Sander Van Doorn and the final DJ would have to be probably Umek. It would be expensive but totally worth it!!!

Any big productions to look out for?

„Next Stop AU which is going to be released on Michael Woods’s label Difused Records this month and Class Act which will be released on LS City Records hopefully early next year, two completely different styles but I love and incorporate all house genres into my sets which is also mirrored by my production, I can never chose a direction if it sounds good just go with it!!! lol“

How would you describe your own sound and way of producing

„I don’t think i really have a unique sound as i make all genres of house, i don’t want to be pigeon holed to one genre. I grew up listening to Trance and House so my favourite genre is probably Progressive House. I produce on Cubase 5 and also use the M-Audio Torq for adding a few effects. I listen to how other producers have produced their sounds in tracks and try and figure out how, the clarity in tracks that are coming out at the moment is incredible, that the bonus of being a DJ is that your hearing new music all the time and can really experiment with your own tunes. I’m really lucky in that my boyfriend produces part time and has taught me everything i know, he helps me out if I get stuck, he is a genius and i have learnt so much from him. I have also been singing on tracks for the Future Disciple, Existone, Alex Kidd and Vicky Devine some of which have been signed to Blackhole Recordings and played by Armin Van Buuren.“

What tracks that you’ve produced would you consider your all-time favourite?

„Aleppo on Audiodamage records as it was influenced by my gig in Syria, I came back and wrote the tune for the guys i met over there, also A Man Named Thomas and the first song I have produced and sung on called Changing Lanes both as an EP on Progressive Grooves.“

What software do you usually use?

„Cubase 5 but i’m in the process of trying to learn Ableton for making grooves on and the M-Audio Torq“

Imagine the world’s ending tomorrow. You’ve got one last set to play at any club, anywhere in the world. Where are you playing and why?

„At A festival, i have never had the chance to play at a big festival would be amazing, Creamfields or South West Four!! I love the atmosphere at festivals and the music always seems to be so much more energetic. (So if any promoters who book DJ’s for festivals are reading this it nearly 2012 wink wink)“

Favourite DJ?

„Without fail Carl Cox, always plays to his crowd, something i think is really important. As a DJ you need to engage with the crowd as much as possible, you can really feel them buzzing off your energy. If you don’t look like your enjoying it how is anyone else supposed to?“

Favourite drink during a performance?

„Sambuca i hate it but love it at the same time lol i was told about a drink which tastes like a DR Pepper at my last gig so am curious to figure out what that is on the next one!!“

Oly and myself would like to thank Hayley for a great interview, her time and support and wish her all the best in her future career.

//Foto und Text via 128Djs.
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