Zelda: Ocarina Of Time in 23 Minuten

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Mit einem Bug in Zelda Ocarina Of Time lässt sich das Spiel in 23 Minuten durchspielen! Hätten wir das mal früher gewusst 😉

Q: Why is this on the Japanese version?
A: The text is much faster. Other than that, it’s the exact same as any other version.

Q: Is this legit?
A: Yes, everything I do here can be done on any regular console with no cheats or modifications at all.

Q: Why do you need the bottle?
A: To activate the ocarina items glitch on the edge of the blue warp which allowed me to move during the cutscene so I could get to the door.

Q: How does that warp glitch work?
A: The game is trying to load the value for the kokiri emerald cutscene and the main deku tree area at the same time, so it sends you to a new room value which happens to be a room in the escape.

Q: How did you die to gohma? Was it on purpose?
A: I got hit at the same time I killed her which also killed me. It was on purpose, I needed to return to the room with the stone wall blocking the door gone.

Q: What’s up with the deku sticks?
A: They are actually as powerful as the master sword, so they’re a great weapon for this.

Q: How did you figure this out? Was it on accident?
A: First of all, I did not find this, it was found by r0bd0g and sockfolder.

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