Der Atompilz Pullover

Ich hab euch ja schon vom Pommes Pullover erzählt, jetzt gibt es den Atompilz Pullover. Zu finden gibts den auf Firebox, nennt sich Kaboom Sweater und kostet 49 Euro.

As we’ve learned from basically every action movie, ever, the key to getting people to notice you is explosions, and when it comes massive, fiery eruptions; the bigger the better. The Kaboom Sweater represents a tribute to our love of blowing stuff up and making things go bang!

With one eye on the great fashion houses of the world and another delving deep into the human psyche; these sweaters are hand-crafted by nimble Polish grandmothers and feature impeccable workmanship. Each one is a work of art.

//via GadgetsMatrix.

Von Matze

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