Bloes Brothers #7 – Lexer

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Mein Freitags Mix geht diesmal an Lexer der für die Bloes Brothers den 7ten Podcast zur Verfügung stellte.

Only a few weeks ago the Bloes Brothers podcast was founded. Today, the podcasts reached more than 3400 followers on Sound Cloud and has released 5 podcasts. Latest podcast by Solee posted only a few days ago has already 550 likes and is played almost 12.000 times. Other podcasts of prominent DJ’S such as: Bakermat, Nico Pusch, Stereoclip and Crussen.


1. Ron Flatter – Mantequilla
2. Stimming – Die Taube auf dem Dach
3. Ron Flatter & Nick D-Lite – Jetlands (Oscar Remix)
4. Alfred Heinrichs – Lenz
5. Howard & Stereo – Feel Feel Your Breath (Raumakustik Remix)
6. Tinush – Purple Liquid (Original Mix)
7. Royal Ruv – Going On (Original Mix)
8. Ben Weber feat. Ed Fett – Phenomenon (Raumakustik Remix)
9. Monkey Safari – Home (Original Mix)
10. Fabian Schumann & Black Vel – Casalinga (Original)
11. SuperFlu – Shneeblee (Original Mix)
12. Ole Biege – Tasted Wime (Original)