Porsche Motorsport mit Patrick Dempsey

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Erstklassiger Porsche Clip mit Patrick Dempsey. 2013 will Patrick Dempsey auch wieder am 24 Stunden-Rennen von Daytona teilnehmen, sind wir mal gespannt ob er das genauso gut kann wie seine Arztrolle in Grey’s Anatomy.

Welcome to the Porsche Motorsport family, Mr. Dempsey!

Together with his team Dempsey Del Piero Racing, Hollywood star and race driver Patrick Dempsey joins forces with Porsche. And what better way to greet him than seeing him in action? Experience the excitement of the ALMS race in Long Beach. More precisely: gripping motorsports – celebrated by an enthusiastic family that has grown once again.
Coming up: Dempsey at the 2013 24 hours of Le Mans. Stay tuned!

//via Alexander.