„Get Loki“ by The Avengers

(Youtube DirektPARODY)

Get Loki von den Avengers ist eine Parody über Daft Punks – Get Lucky.

This summer’s hottest song meets er…LAST summer’s hottest team of superheroes!
Turn on the Captions for lyrics, or scroll down below!


The headquarters of SHIELD collapse
But Nick Fury’s all badass
He’s got a plan that’s groovy
He teased it for five movies

(He says)

„We need the guy
In the suit that can fly
If he won’t show up
Marvel will go bankrupt“

Captain America’s thawed
Still rocking his awesome bod
But not as much as that God
Who comes to Earth to get Loki
He fights Iron Man and Cap
Making every fanboy fap
They’re all friends by the next act
And they’re on their way to get Loki
They’re on their way to get Loki
In Germany they get Loki
Takes five minutes to get Loki
Wasn’t that hard to get Loki

Aboard the Helicarrier
With the Canadian commander
The team meets Doctor Banner
Played by yet a different actor

Tensions arise
Between the super-guys
They argue on who’s best
It’s a hammer-measuring contest
THOR: The hammer is their penis.

Black Widow tries to confront
Loki by acting real blunt
But he just calls her a c–name
Then bad guys come to get Loki
They help him break out of jail
Coulson gets „Washed“ and impaled
Looks like the Avengers failed
In their attempt to get Loki
Who else can help to get Loki
Who’s up for a fight to get Loki?
Who’s up for a fight to get Loki?
Who’s up for a fight to get Loki?


While Tony cries
Aliens drop from the skies
New York’s in trouble
Avengers assemble

But where’s the Hulk? He’s absent
He’s got something more important
Being nude with Harry Stanton
But when he shows, he gets Loki
Iron Man nukes the homebase
Somehow survives outer space
This puts Loki in his place
And in the end they get Loki
And in the end they get Loki
And in the end they get Loki
Until „Thor 2“, they get Loki

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