Eindrücke aus Tanzania

Tanzania – Maasai
Tanzania – Serengeti
Tanzania – Ngorongoro Crater

Johannes, welcher immer noch im Kongo ist und momentan durch den Staat Tanzania reist, hat wieder ein paar beeindruckende Bilder aus der Serengeti, dem Ngorongoro Crater und den Maasai.

Ok I guess I should leave some words here. During my trip through North Tanzania I had the chance to meet with the amazing tribe of the Maasai. The Maasai are a tribe which lives only from cattle and is traditionally a nomadic folk. They decide to live a traditional life not allowing modern technology if that is considered bad for their tradition. Watches and mobile phones are not bad so people use them regularly. The Maasai are the only people who are allowed to live in the Ngorongoro Conservation area because they don’t live from hunting and don’t interfere with the wildlife in the area.
Along the road we met many Maasai who depend strongly on tourism. Visiting one of the villages allowed me to experience how that changes their life. They put up a big show and have “pretend” schools where we could see little children learning maths. But as soon as we left the children started to leave the school and run around. […]

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