Was sehen Katzen durch ihre Augen?

See The World Through The Eyes Of A Cat

Ganz interessant eigentlich, wie Katzen durch ihre Augen sehen. Bilder gibts im Link. Erklärt auch warum Katzen im Dunkeln so gut sehen.

Some of the cat-eye facts he took into account: The blurry edges of the pictures represent peripheral vision. Humans have a 20 degree range of peripheral vision on each side. Cats can see 30 degrees on each side. Their visual field overall is just bigger—they see 200 degrees compared to our 180 degrees.

Cat vision isn’t so great at a distance. What we can see sharply from 100 feet away, they need to see at 20 feet. From what researchers can tell, cats can see blue and yellow colors, but not red, orange or brown, which is why all the images look a little washed out. Your kitty sees in Instagram, it seems. Not so good for looking at far-away, lush landscapes. […]