Wie der Millennium Falcon 1200 entstand

Marco schrieb mir heute, dass er die Bilder von der Produktion des Millennium 1200 fertig hat. 

dear Mat,
I did do an update on my website this morning and added pictures of the construction of my turntable I’ve been meaning to do for a while now.
Feel free to use them for your blog.  I do have one picture that I took recently of it actually powered on, but I didn’t really want to post it on
my site yet since I ordered some blue LEDs a while back to replace the ones I originally installed which are light green in color.  And I’ll
eventually take better overall finished pictures of it which I’ll do later.

Vielen Dank Marco, dass du an mich gedacht hast! Die Bilder gibts nach dem Klick. 

Die Bilder unterliegen dem © von Marco unter http://picotekdesign.com

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