Skateboards aus Müll

Sehr schönes Projekt von Mac Premo und Sanford Shapes, welche aus verschiedenem Müll – Skateboard Decks herstellen. The bucket Board.

© by the bucket board
© by the bucket board

Do the Green Thing has teamed up with World Wildlife Fund-UK to curate the ‚Everyday Things‘ collection: fifteen artists from around the world were asked to repurpose daily objects and show how creativity can lead the way in encouraging people to live a greener lifestyle. When artist Mac Premo was asked to contribute to the collection, he partnered with Sanford Shapes to create skateboard decks made entirely out of material lifted from a dumpster. Mac then made this film which shows the process and inspiration behind the Bucket Board.

Shot and directed by Mac Premo ( / @macpremo)
Edited by Ann Lupo (

THE BUCKET BOARD from mac premo on Vimeo.