Darth Punk – ein Mashup aus Daft Punk und Star Wars

Schönes Video von InfectiousDesigner die eine Mischung aus Daft Punk und Star Wars hier gezaubert haben. One day Vader and Fett will recruit for the the dark side, disguised as an electronic music duo... they will be arresting ears and administering intergalactic rhythm and beats. The Rebels won't stand a chance. This is their music video, featuring … Weiterlesen Darth Punk – ein Mashup aus Daft Punk und Star Wars

Get Lucky mit einem Bassoon und Theremin

Wie geil ist den der Tüp bitte? Spielt Daft Punk - Get Lucky auf einem Bassoon und Theremin. Bäm. (youtube direkt) Amazing and talented musician Jeff Burke playing Daft Punk's Get Lucky on the bassoon and theremin. It was an honour to hang out with him at the Coldwater Steampunk Festival. (via klangextase)

Daft Punk Medley

Nettes Daft Punk Medley von Pigeon. Electronic band Pigeon perform a medley of DAFT PUNK tunes live in the studio using a microKORG, NORD lead 2x, KORG microsampler, Roland SPD-SX, T.C HELICON Voice Live Touch, Rocktron Banshee Talkbox, Bass, Gibson SG Guitar, Tambourine and a 3 piece horn section. With all the hype surrounding the … Weiterlesen Daft Punk Medley