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GoPro: Das Baby auf Dubstep durch die Luft

(Youtube DirektBaBYGODUB) Fakt ist, irgendwann brauche ich auch noch so eine GoPro! Shot 100% on the Original HD HERO® camera from ‪ Baby Charlie Ray goes for a tour of the house in GoPro’s commercial for Game Day! Watch during the Big Game on Sunday for the debut! Music Walking Def, „Running All My Life“ […]

James Bond: Skyfall auf Dubstep

(Youtube Direkt007DUB) Ganz tolles Mashup, James Bond 007: Skyfall auf Dubstep. Wieso nicht gleich so? An epic mash-up of all the TV Spots and trailers for the 25th Bond movie, Skyfall, edited to the Camo & Krooked official Dubstep remix of the James Bond Theme, using only Windows Movie maker on the course of 5 […]

Dubstep Roboter – 3D Animation

Dubstep Dispute from Fluxel Media on Vimeo. Eine schöne 3D Animation über tanzende Dubstep Roboter. Dubstep Dispute was primarily created using Luxology’s 3d solution, modo. This included modeling, surfacing, rigging, animation, rendering, and effects such as physics and volumetric lighting. Rigging the characters and environment was not overly complex but there was a fair amount […]