So schön ist Schottland

Josh Brine war mit seiner Frau in Schottland unterwegs. Dabei entstanden diese tolle Aufnahmen. Ich glaub der Regen würde mich nicht daran hindern das gleiche zu machen. Alleine die Landschaft ist schon äußerst schön anzuschauen. Hach.

Last month, my wife and I had the joy and privilege of exploring a portion of the Scottish Highlands. Little did we know what we would find, or how much we would fall in love with her. This video, as a result, is our simple thank you to the memories she gave us and this lesson she taught me:

„Life is short. Enjoy it. Go have fun. Go somewhere that makes you nervous. Do something stupid for a change. Do something you said you wanted to do. Build memories. Build relationships. Build some kids. Then build some Legos. Build a life with your love and never let her go. Just go, and be.“

Go, and Be from Josh Brine on Vimeo and via.